CredentialMyDoc – a web based provider and practice information management system designed to reduce true labor cost and frustrations with credentialing, privileging, and provider enrollment. CredentialMyDoc is used by private practices, large hospital employed groups, medical billing companies, credentialing companies, IPA’s and MSO’s. Our typical customers manage from 20 to 200 providers, while many organizations maintain several hundred. For more information, visit

The CredentialMyDoc Client Portal is a communication platform that sits on top of the CredentialMyDoc database, allowing large distributed organizations to better serve and communicate with downstream customers (providers, practice managers, administrators, etc) served by the centralized credentialing office.

Steth-Connect – Paired with a blue tooth stethoscope, this software enables the recording, transmission playback and overall management of stethoscope related audio files for Telemedicine.
Patient Portion Projector (P3) – P3 dramatically improves up-front patient payments for surgical procedures and imaging studies by producing accurate and easily produced estimates of patient financial responsibility prior to service. P3 is most often used by imaging centers and surgical practices. Estimates may be created for both professional and facility fees when the practice has an Ambulatory Surgery Center. For more information, visit or email us at

Pencil-Me-In-Now (Customized Scheduling Software) – While scheduling software is widely available, certain scenarios require more custom fields and variables than traditional off-the-shelf solutions. Pencil-Me-In-Now is permission based and custom designed to satisfy even the most complex needs. As always, ease-of-use with this product remains a CTG Hallmark. Email us for more information.

Prefix – Similar to P3, Prefix is used in medical oncology practices to provide estimates of patient financial liability for chemotherapy.